Enhanced Diagram Editing with Software Ideas Modeler 12.20

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings a handful of improvements - better type editing of attributes from the ribbon, advanced deleting options available via shortcut keys and many other small enhancements and fixes.
Window of Diagramming Software - Software Ideas Modeler
Enhanced Diagramming with Field Gallery

New Features

  • Added Types gallery to the Field context group in the ribbon
  • Added new shortcut keys for Delete with relationships CTRL + DEL
  • Added new shortcut keys for Delete without nested elements ALT + DEL
  • Added other delete options to the context menu
  • Added support for constructors and properties to .NET Assembly reverse engineering
  • Added more tags to the diagrams for easier searching of proper diagram types
  • Improved auto size for classes with template parameters
  • Element Detail tool was made avaible in the toolbox for all non-UML diagrams
  • Added current style set palette to color picker buttons in the ribbon
  • Added options to the GUI menu to show/hide Toolbox, Tab Bar, StatusBar
  • Added check symbol for the active GUI style in the GUI context menu
  • Slightly changed design of the context toolbar

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed some issues with search & replace
  • Fixed not saving attributes created by .NET assembly reverse engineering
  • Fixed application crash when duplicating a diagram
  • Fixed application crash when adding a slide to a presentation
  • Fixed incorrect parsing for attributes with stereotypes
  • Fixed updating layout of attribute after changing its stereotypes or type
  • Fixed displayed arrows for dynamic submenus in the context menu
  • Fixed displaying edit area for hidden ERD entity description
  • Fixed occasional inability to click items in certain areas of the ribbon
  • Fixed deselecting text when editing a glossary meaning and chaning font name or size
  • Fixed hidding context tabs in ribbon in some scenarios
  • Fixed application crash when trying to move a group consisting only from relationships
  • Fixed rendering artifacts when moving a selection in diagram editor


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