Easier Diagramming, Auto Layout Configuration, Tuned GUI - Software Ideas Modeler 12.30

The new version of the diagramming and modeling tool Software Ideas Modeler brings dozens of useful improvements that help you to create your diagrams even easier than before.

Version's Highlights

Improved Sequence Diagram Editing

Improved UML Sequence Diagram Editing
Improved UML Sequence Diagram Editing

Delete and Reconnect

Delete and Reconnect
Delete and Reconnect

Auto Element Creation

Auto Element Creation
Auto Element Creation

New Features and Improvements

  • Create new diagram from selected elements
  • Automated associated classifier creation for a new attribute type
  • Added new delete option - Delete and Reconnect Relationships
  • Added new auto layouts:
    • Vertical funnel layout
    • Horizontal funnel layout
    • Spiral layout
  • Added parameters to Circle layout (number of circles, start radius, radius offset)
  • Added parameters to Cascade layout (series size, offset X, offset Y)
  • Auto complete for booleans
  • Auto complete for classifier instances
  • Automatic creation of Lifeline representative property
  • Unnamed classifiers added to the lifeline drop down list
  • Added type auto complete support during lifeline name editing
  • Automatic type conversion after changing the type set to new one
  • Settings for default glossary, documentation and source code font
  • Added some missing icons for element types to the project tree
  • Improved some ribbon button icons, local toolstrip icons and style properties icons
  • Added thumbnail icons for other windows
  • If project name was not set before saving, it is set by the file name
  • Non-changing commands (as "rename" to the same name) are not added into the command stack anymore
  • Flat style for template visual editor
  • User project file is excluded from backuping
  • Added Field submenu to Element menu (classic menu interface)
  • Improved performance when selecting elements and fields
  • Added a new setting for diagram to image export - Hops on Intersections
  • Reverse relationship button hides when no relationship is selected
  • Added 'Remove Node' button to context bar for mind map nodes

Fixed Bugs

  • Added missing localization strings
  • Fixed displaying a line after the attribute section in classes when there are no attributes
  • Fixed navigation using arrow keys when only projects are filtered in the Start with menu
  • Fixed disabled location and size text boxes after switching to Properties sidebar while element is already selected
  • Fixed do not showing Formatted Text tab when editing formatted text in lower editions
  • Fixed filling the project author by the user profile
  • Fixed resizing elements to bigger size after deleting their names
  • Fixed Add attribute by association start/end role when there is a role name defined
  • Fixed Edit Macro icon
  • Fixed refreshing the context bar after an action
  • Fixed styling fields in Style sidebar
  • Fixed deselecting fields
  • Fixed relationship hops updating
  • Fixed unwanted moving of execution occurences when moving multiple lifelines at once
  • Fixed dragging a new connector from the snap points on element border
  • Fixed Implement Interface action (context bar)
  • Fixed name centering in collapsed enumerations
  • Fixed incorrect field bounds calculation in some cases
  • Fixed trimming line breaks from transition texts
  • Fixed application crash when using Add Relationship by an attribute and the related element is placed in another diagram
  • Fixed indication of used type sets in Types window after loading project
  • Fixed vertical alignment of formatted text (Drawing) at other than 100% zoom


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