Version 1.51 Released

A new version fixes several bugs and adds some new features.

I hope you enjoy the new release of Software Ideas Modeler. It contains 6 new features and fixes 8 bugs from previous version.

New Features

+ Custom user ID of an element
+ Relation can be defined between two relations and between relation and entity
+ New items into the context menu for diagram element: Delete and Delete from Project
+ New items into the context menu for item in the project tree: Delete from Project
+ New buttons on toolbar of Project side panel: Add Model, Add Diagram
+ Changed the default size of these elements: Signal Receipt, Signal Send

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed applying styles on some elements
* Fixed application crash when exporting a special type of diagram to PDF
* Fixed application crash when trying to edit the documentation of comment connector element
* Fixed renaming of diagram elements through the project tree
* Fixed deleting of diagram elements, diagrams and models from project
* Fixed drawing of perpendicular lines of entity relations
* Fixed editing of ERD entity using Item Editor
* Fixed other minor bugs

Download Software Ideas Modeler 1.51

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