Bug fixes for version 4

This week three updates was released.

Changes in Version 4.03

+ Position of sidebar splitter is saved as relative value
* Fixed problem with assigning types
* Fixed specific case of application crash on close
* Fixed resetting of positions of other windows after closing a window
* Fixed layout of element after style change
* Fixed wrong style of relation name

Changes in Version 4.02

+ In Import Database dialog, tables are ordered by name
* Error message for unsuccessful attempt to connect to database replaced with user-friendly message
* Added missing icon for association in project tree
* Fixed appliction crash after adding relation in ERD diagram
* Fixed problem with Destroy element misplacing after changing size of lifeline
* Fixed saving values edited directly in row of TO-DO list (not in dialog)
* Fixed other minor bugs

Changes in Version 4.01

+ Added dialog which allows to show more details about project loading error
* Fixed application crash after clicking in the empty boolean column of grid
* Removed redundant <Custom> item from combobox in attribute and operation grid in Properties dialog
* Fixed the layout of Setting dialog (and other windows) for another DPI settings
* Fixed loading diagram description
* Fixed loading of assigned types from file saved in version 3.x
* Fixed initially disabled Edit button in Class Properties dialog
* Fixed start page has not tab after opening project (Linux Mono only)
* Fixed layout of error message window (Linux Mono only)

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