Second Generation of Software Ideas Modeler

I am very glad that I can present the second major release of Software Ideas Modeler.

The new version brings several major changes. It supports the creation of four new types of diagrams (Package Diagram, Object Diagram, Profile Diagram and Communication Diagram). Consequently there are present many new diagram elements. From this version, diagrams can be linked to diagram elements. This version allows better options for element styling. Also the speed of redrawing is improved. Now you can decide whether you want better graphical output or the fast rendering. Much progress was made in the stability of the application.

Complete List of New Features

+ Diagram can be assigned to diagram element
+ Model Overview window - the window with thumbnails of all diagrams in the model
+ Added drawing tools
+ Added Package Diagram
+ Added Object Diagram
+ Added Communication Diagram
+ Added Profile Diagram
+ Added the element Composite State
+ Added the element Object
+ Added the element System Boundary
+ Added the interaction operator to the fragment element
+ Added interaction operands to the fragment element
+ Tools for easy creating of standard fragments: opt, alt, loop, ref, sd, par, neg
+ Tools for creating associations: package merge, package import, package use
+ Tool for manual adding of comment connectors
+ Added new properties (pre-condition, post-condition and operation) for the transition
+ Added new properties (state-invariant, do, entry, exit, custom events) for the state
+ Start Page with common options how to get started
+ Application saves the list of recent projects
+ Inline editing of element properties
+ Optimized speed of redrawing
+ Rendering quality settings: Draft, Normal, Best
+ New style effects - smooth shadow, gloss, 3D gloss
+ New background types - vertical gradient, forward diagonal gradient, backward diagonal gradient
+ New shadow options - shadow offset, shadow style
+ Wrapping of long names of diagram elements
+ More diagram elements support stereotypes displaying (Actor, Activity, Collaboration, Lifeline, Node, Package)
+ Special icons replace generic icons for lots of tools
+ New context tools for use cases (include, extend) and swimlanes (add new swimlane)
+ New splash screen and new icon

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed application crash when inserting some diagram elements
* Fixed application crash when trying to remove stereotype from empty list
* Fixed application crash when generating source code from diagram with generalization
* Fixed application crash when drawing the package element with very small size
* Fixed application crash when copying some elements in clipboard
* Fixed corrupted file error
* Fixed checking for new version
* Fixed other minor bugs

Download Software Ideas Modeler 2.00

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