Version 4.50 with Batch Export and Print

Seventeen new features wait for you in version 4.50.

Main improvements of this version are batch export and improved print. Batch export allows to export several diagrams (or also all diagrams) of project to images at once. Print has new dialog which support batch print of several diagrams or printing one diagram on multiple pages.

New Features

+ New print dialog
+ Batch print of multiple diagrams (print of current diagram moved to menu Diagram)
+ Print diagram on multiple pages
+ Added Page Setup dialog
+ Batch export of diagrams to images (export of current diagram moved to menu Diagram)
+ Added second notation for collaboration element
+ Added template parameters for class
+ Displaying extension points in use cases
+ Added support for actions and state invariant in composite states
+ Added new options for showing/hiding:
+ Show/hide template parameters (class)
+ Show/hide operation parameters (class)
+ Show/hide nullability (ERD entity)
+ Show/hide extension points (use case)
+ Show/hide texts (relations)
+ Added Polish localization (thanks to Bartosz Gołek)
+ Optimized saving of project (creates smaller files)
+ Changed default style of swimlanes
+ Improved rendering of Accept Event Action element

Fixed Bugs

* Added missing icons for some elements in project tree
* Fixed deleting of container element with nested elements
* Fixed multiple occurrence of static stereotype after several edits
* Fixed choosing wrong text style for rendering of relationship stereotypes
* Fixed truncated text of stereotype
* Fixed adding multi-line text into comment element
* Fixed exiting edit field after pressing up or down key
* Fixed showing Comment tab in Properties dialog
* Fixed removing nested models
* Fixed adding model from context menu when project is selected
* Fixed loading of text alignment in properties dialog


Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.50 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.50 (Setup)


Kloss 27 October 2010 9:51:51


Have been trying version 4 for about a month now. Brilliant Software. Thank you very much for providing it.

Dusan Rodina - 27 October 2010 10:24:33

RE: -

Your words makes me very happy and motivate me to work on further improvements.

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