XMI Export and Better Sequence Diagrams in 4.70

Version 4.70 fixes known bugs, improves sequence diagram and support export to XMI.

New Features

+ Export to XMI 2.1 (class diagrams, use case diagrams)
+ Added new elements into sequence diagram:
+ Actor lifeline
+ Concurrent
+ Self message
+ Recursive message
+ Added support for editing template parameters in Properties dialog
+ Added context menu for ERD entity attributes and template parameters (Rename, Move Down, Move Up, Remove)
+ Added new parameters to lifeline: Multi-object, Active
+ Added support for asynchronous sequence messages
+ Added button Show Dialog in Properties side bar
+ Added check for version of project file (warning will be displayed when you try open file saved in newer version)

Fixed Bugs

* Added missing localization items
* Fixed deleting of template parameters
* Fixed updating model after deleting relation
* Fixed loading of template parameters
* Fixed calculation of layout of diagram description
* Fixed width of table in generated documentation
* Fixed undo for changes made from Properties side bar


Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.70 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.70 (Setup)

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