Version 4.80 - New Elements and Better Work with Relations

Version 4.80 brings new important improvements.

New Features

+ Added new elements into sequence diagram:
+ Duration Message
+ Found Message
+ Lost Message
+ Coregion
+ State Invariant
+ Duration Constraint
+ Added new elements into activity diagram:
+ Activity Parameter Node
+ Expansion Region
+ Expansion Node
+ Pin
+ Exception Handler
+ Added editable rectangular style of line
+ Routing of relation (Arrange>Route Relation)
+ The list of recent files can be cleared (Tools>Options>Recent Projects>Clear Recent Projects list OR File>Recent Projects>Clear this list)
+ Preserving settings after application update
+ Added undo support for Remove All Custom Styles
+ New relation added into the diagram has the same line style as the last one

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed moving group of activation bars or messages in sequence diagram
* Fixed application crash in reverse engineering of database
* Fixed minor errors in GUI


Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.80 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.80 (Setup)

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