Present for you - version 2.50

I have a christmas present for you - users of Software Ideas Modeler. Only after 17 days, new version of this case tool is here.

This version fixes many bugs and moreover adds 38 new interesting features. The biggest changes are support for CRC Cards, improved styling and editing of relation lines. Very useful is also improved control of application.

New Features

+ New CRC Card Diagram
+ The line of relation can be edited (can be added new points)
+ New side panel Styles
+ Style set editor
+ Properties editor for selected diagram element in the side bar
+ The option for saving of styles of diagram elements
+ Support for style classes which can be applicable to more elements
+ Different default styles can be defined for different types of diagram elements
+ Style editor control is scrollable when does not fit to window
+ Custom styles can be removed from all elements in project with one command
+ New menu Element
+ New options for diagram elements: Show ID, Show Parent Name, Show Stereotypes, Show Attributes, Show Operations
+ Added element modifiers: Private, Protected, Package, Public, Abstract
+ Project Properties window
+ Added meta data to the project: Project Name, Authors, Description
+ Added File Not Found message for the case of opening a nonexistent file
+ The diagram element can be resized on mouse wheeling when is the left mouse button pressed
+ Diagram elements can be moved from the chosen point on mouse wheeling when is the left mouse button pressed
+ The Grid Button on the Standard Panel turns on also snapping to grid
+ The comment can be added at any point of diagram
+ Added the tool for fast renumbering of custom IDs (Tools -> Renumber Element IDs)
+ Actions in sequence diagram can be created between activation bars on the same lifeline
+ All elements of the same type in the diagram can be simply selected double-clicking on one of them
+ New Layout panel
+ Panels can be moved (also in the bottom part of window)
+ The position of diagram elements can be locked
+ Item Editor renamed to Fast Editor
+ Tools Object, Signal Send, Signal Receive were added to the tool group for the activity diagram
+ The application remembers the last directory for export
+ Added the new submenu for the menu item Project/Add Diagram
+ Added the new submenu Recent Projects into the menu File
+ Better redrawing of invalidated parts of diagram
+ Added scrollbars for the textboxes in the Generation side panel and in the Fast Editor side panel
+ Added buttons for adding and removing attributes and operations to class in the properties dialog form
+ Added group of all items in the classifier choice dialog form
+ Names are displayed for Signal Sending and Signal Receipt
+ Enabled inline editing of name for Composite State and Component
+ Stereotypes are displayed also for Composite State, Component, Signal Sending and Signal Receipt

Fixed Bugs

* The diagram element is added to the container when is dropped onto the non-container element which is placed in the container
* Fixed rendering of elements nested in a container - elements cannot be rendered under the container now
* Fixed updating of the window title after the name of the diagram is changed
* Fixed unwanted removing elements from container when moving more elements at once
* Fixed the special case of the application crash when inserting new elements (generated the same unique ID)
* Fixed the issue when the same messages were added to the relation in communication diagram after editing messages
* Fixed expanding of button groups in the toolbox
* Fixed application crash when the symbol '-' is typed in the Item Editor text box into the new line which is surrounded with lines describing attributes
* Fixed application crash during PDF export
* Fixed application crash when the "Add Diagram To Element" dialog canceled
* Fixed application crash when deleting a model from the project


Download Software Ideas Modeler 2.50

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