Version 4.82 with lots of fixed bugs

This version includes lots of fixed bugs and several small improvements.

New Features and Improvements

+ Added Realization into the Use Case Diagram
+ Added type sets for PostgreSQL and Python (thanks to Dmitry Anchakov)
+ Commands for relations (Reverse, Lock Start Point, Lock End Point, Line Style) can be executed for more selected relations
+ Program ask whether to inflate container (i.e. package) if at least one of elements is not fully contained in container

Fixed Bugs

* Window with purchase/donation appeal is not displayed for donors
* Forbidden adding of empty custom stereotype
* Fixed saving ang loading of custom types
* Fixed JavaScript source code generation from dialog (Tools > Generate Source Code)
* Fixed missing response to left and right keys in the text box in the project tree
* Fixed ignoring of setting 'Relations always on top' in print
* Fixed ignoring of setting 'Relations always on top' when selecting an element (relations was visible but not selectable)
* Fixed printing using default printer instead of the chosen one
* Fixed wrong referencing of removed extension points
* Fixed application crash during XMI import
* Fixed problems with incorrect layout of sequence diagram layout after loading
* Fixed cancel button in dialog for .NET Framework reverse engineering
* Fixed cropping of shadows in exported image
* Fixed adding elements into container which are not intersecting with container when multiple elements dragging (now they are not added into container)
* Fixed incorrect view adjustment after pasting elements from clipboard
* Fixed incorrect check state displaying of Show Grid menu item
* (Linux only) Fixed wrong displaying of language choice window - only first item was displayed


Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.82 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.82 (Setup)

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