First Update This Year - Version 2.60

After holidays the next update is here. Version 2.6 fixes found bugs and also adds new features.

New Features

+ Meta data added to diagram
+ New diagram element: Diagram Description
+ Extension point property added to extend relation
+ New shapes: Arrows
+ New dialog Settings
+ New dialog Diagram Properites
+ Improved interaction with selected diagram element - it has the highest priority now
+ Improved resizing of interaction operands in fragment element
+ Checkbox for the abstract modifier added into the element properties window
+ Checkbox for the static modifier added into the element properties window
+ New buttons for editing and deleting styles in the Styles side panel
+ The vertical orientation added for swimlane
+ New style options: name color, name font, stereotype color, stereotype font, shadow radius, shadow color
+ Comment connector is added to the point rather than to the element when Alt key is pressed
+ Inline editing of comment text
+ New style set Elegant
+ Icons added to some items in context menus
+ More precise inserting of new points to line of relation
+ Reordered tabs in item properties window
+ Comment connector line can be edited in the same way as the line of relation
+ Actions in sequence diagrams, comments, fork/join support styling
+ Option to enable/disable the Start Page
+ Option to set vertical and horizontal spacing for grid
+ Option to change background colors of diagram
+ Option to set count of recent projects displaying in menu and on start page

Fixed Bugs

* Missing localization of some fields added
* Fixed binding of saved values to combo box in style editor
* Fixed removing of the style following the default style in Style Set Editor
* Fixed drawing of interaction operand lines to fulfil the UML specification
* Fixed application crash when trying to apply the style to the empty set of selected items
* Fixed application crash when generating documentation
* Fixed application crash when both points of comment connector are removed from elements
* Fixed application crash when trying to add the style class with the existing name
* Fixed copying, cuting, pasting in text boxes


Download Software Ideas Modeler 2.60

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