Version 4.88

New week - new version with fixed reported bugs and new small improvements.

New Features and Improvements

+ Added setting for default attribute visibility
+ Added setting for default operation visibility
+ Added setting for default displaying of NULL/NOT NULL in ERD entities
+ Added support for editing documentation of diagram in sidebar documentation editor when no element is selected
+ Added specific default names for all diagrams
+ Added command for showing all layers (Diagram/Layers/Show All)

Fixed Bugs

* Arrows in communication messages are rendered as filled
* Fixed direction of arrows in communication messages
* Fixed updating list of diagrams in Model Overview window after deleting/adding diagram
* Fixed application crash when copying and pasting relation without its destination element
* Fixed special case of application crash when adding diagram into the project tree
* Fixed application crash when trying to delete project from context menu in project tree (this item is disabled for project now)
* Fixed copying of Communication Messages (in Communication Diagram)
* Fixed loading of Timing Diagrams
* Fixed rendering of Duration Constraints
* Ref Fragment tool changed into Interaction Use (in Sequence diagram)
* Fixed misspelling (Inseraction Use > Interaction Use)
* Fixed setting custom return type of operation from Operation Editor dialog


Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.88 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.88 (Setup)


Oscar 20 February 2011 11:41:57

Great work.

Would be possible in future versions to add a flow of events / use case detail editor similar to this:

Also some textual analysis tools would be great.

And what about mysql reverse engeneering?

Maybe for version 5;)

Keep up the great work.

Dusan Rodina - 20 February 2011 23:08:23


Thank you.

Yes, I plan to add such features.

It is uncertain how many of these features will be really included in version 5, but I hope that the most of them.

Mehrdad 9 February 2011 11:04:56

Donation stuff

Please remove the donation/purchase request dialog that pops up when closing the application, it's just too annoying.

And it's useless.

Fact: if I'm going to donate money I won't do it because of your persistence.If I have the money and can send it to you, I will certainly donate some money, but when I can't, your persistence just pisses me off. You could turn your app ad-supported or something, but please give up the current approach.

Thanks for the great LIGHTWEIGHT tool. :)

Dusan Rodina - 9 February 2011 17:01:41

RE: Donation stuff

I will try another approach in the next version. The current approach with request dialog is two - three times more successful than than the previous one without this dialog. However, it is still not enough for full-time development. I hope the new approach will be less annoying and with better number of sold licenses and donations.

Mehrdad 9 February 2011 22:50:54

RE: RE: Donation stuff

Thank you. :)

Another request; Could you use ClickOnce as the installer program? It is far less intrusive and more streamlined.

Dusan Rodina - 9 February 2011 23:16:07

RE: RE: RE: Donation stuff

I don't plan to use ClickOnce. Although, it is more simple, it has many restrictions and less options.

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