Version 4.92 with Portuguese Translation and Other Improvements

New release fixes known bugs and brings small improvements. The most important change is locking of open project file for writing - this lock avoids an accidental rewrite of file.

New Features and Improvements

+ Added Brazilian Portuguese localization (thanks to Franz E. Arnold)
+ Removed Save button in Project properties window - information changes are automatically applied to project
+ Project file is locked for write after loading to prevent unauthorized writing
+ Added option for disabling shortcuts with CTRL-ALT
+ Added immediate editing of name also after inserting element using double-click

Fixed Bugs

* Print window is automatically closed after finishing the print
* Fixed tab-order in Item Properties window
* Fixed omitted update of relation points when resizing group of elements
* Fixed processing of relations with multiple nodes by auto layout
* Fixed a specific case of application crash when loading project with groups of elements
* Fixed recognition of project properties change
* Fixed tooltip text of Expand All button in side bar
* Fixed inserting comments and constraints using double-click


Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.92 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.92 (Setup)

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