Version 4.97

After about a month new version was released. It contains small improvements and fixes found bugs.

+ Option for Show/Hide visibility of attributes and operations
+ Improved operation parameters parsing in the Properties window (as separator can be used also semicolon)
+ Improved SVG import - all gradient types supported, better opacity support in gradients
* Fixed tab order in the Diagram Properties dialog
* Fixed mnemonic shortcut for Element (it was E as for Edit)
* Fixed application crash when try to scroll treeview without scrollbar on mouse wheel
* Fixed grid scrolling - now it cannot be scrolled on mouse wheel when there is no scrollbar
* Fixed problem with duplicating of types in the default type set after reloading project
* Fixed application crash when updating dates in the recent project list and some file is moved
* Fixed commands Center Horizontally and Center Vertically (they were swapped)


Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.97 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 4.97 (Setup)

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