Entity Framework Diagram Tool - Generate EF Code

Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler is a entity framework diagram tool. You can design entity-relationship diagrams with database types and generate entity framework fluent code in C#. The generator allows you to build EF mapping source code. SQL script can be generated from the very same diagram. Software Ideas Modeler allows you to reuse the entities in multiple diagrams while the model will be only one and shared for all of them. The entities can be styled to easily differ their categories. The software supports custom tags that allow you to add additional structured information to any entity. Our tool includes advanced documentation features - any entity can be described using formatted documentation.

Entity Framework Diagram Tool
Entity Framework Diagram Tool

EF Diagram Software Features

  • Quick & easy diagram design
  • EF Fluent Code Generation in C#
  • Import from database
  • Import from SQL
  • Entity reuse
  • Overview of all entities
  • Documentation
  • Styling
  • Auto layouts
  • Export to various image formats
  • Copy & Paste