Custom Diagrams

Available from version 7.00 in the Ultimate edition

Unleash your creativity and tailor your diagramming experience with our Custom Diagrams feature, exclusive to the Ultimate edition. This powerful tool allows you to define custom diagrams with unique elements, tailored precisely to your project's needs. You can choose the kind of elements to include, configure their behavior, and define the relationships and nesting rules between them. Whether you're working on specialized technical diagrams, innovative conceptual models, or unique organizational charts, the Custom Diagrams feature offers the flexibility and control to bring your unique vision to life.

Custom Diagrams are ideal for users who require specialized diagramming capabilities beyond standard offerings, enabling precise customization for highly specific or niche applications.

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Professionals requiring specialized diagram types
  • Technical Experts in niche fields needing precise diagramming tools
  • Innovators and Creatives designing unique models and frameworks
  • Researchers and Academics working on specialized projects


Ready to Customize Your Diagramming Experience?

Explore the limitless possibilities with our Custom Diagrams feature.