Diagram Filtering

Available from version 5.0 in Professional, Ultimate editions

Enhance your diagramming experience with the powerful Diagram Filtering feature, designed for nuanced control over diagram content. This tool allows you to apply the filtering on one of two levels - on elements or fields. Customize filters based on element name, type, stereotype, tagged values, or any attribute, creating combinations of conditions to meet your specific needs. Whether embedding filters into a specific project or defining them globally across all projects in your user profile, Diagram Filtering provides a tailored approach to showing and hiding diagram elements.

Filter Diagram Elements
Filter Diagram Elements

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Project Managers and Analysts needing customized diagram views
  • Designers and Architects working on complex projects
  • Teams looking for streamlined presentations of large diagrams


Filter Manager - Centralize control of all your filters, allowing for easy management and adjustment.

Show All Elements - Quickly revert to viewing all elements, removing any active filters for a comprehensive view.

Predefined Comments - Utilize convenient presets:

  • Hide Comments
  • Hide Relations
  • Hide Drawings
  • Hide Collaborations

Import Filter - Easily integrate filters from external sources into your project.

Export Filter - Share your customized filters with others or use them in different projects.

Duplicate Filter - Create copies of existing filters for modification.


Discover Advanced Diagram Filtering

Streamline your diagrams with custom filters tailored to your needs.