Mind Maps

Added in version 6.00, available in Standard, Premium, Professional, Ultimate editions

Unleash your creativity and streamline your brainstorming processes with our Mind Maps feature. This tool is perfect for organizing thoughts, ideas, and projects. Mind maps in our software support icons, enhancing visual appeal and comprehension. Additionally, our editor supports intuitive key-based editing, making it easier than ever to structure and modify your mind maps efficiently.

INSERT - Inserts a new sub-node, PAGE DOWN - Adds a new sibling node below the selected node, PAGE UP - Adds a new sibling node above the selected node.

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Creative Professionals brainstorming new ideas
  • Project Managers organizing project scopes and tasks
  • Educators and Students mapping out study materials
  • Anyone who benefits from visualizing thoughts and processes

Explore the Power of Mindmaps

Start visualizing your ideas and projects with enhanced clarity and creativity.