Model Navigator

Available from version 8.00 in Professional and Ultimate editions

Effortlessly navigate through complex models and understand their structure. The Model Navigator starts from a selected element in your diagram editor (or the first element in the project if none is selected) and shows a navigation layout with related source elements on the left, the focused element in the middle, and related target elements on the right. This tool is crucial for getting an overview of all related elements for a given element, enhancing your understanding and management of intricate models. The Model Navigator also allows for easy model navigation using arrow keys and offers options to navigate to previous or next elements, as well as the ability to create a new diagram from the current view.

Model Navigator
Ctrl + Shift + M
View > Model > Model Navigator
View > Model Navigator

Ideal for Users Like:

  • System Architects and Modelers working on complex projects
  • Software Developers needing to understand system architecture
  • Project Managers overseeing large-scale model development
  • Academics and Researchers analyzing intricate models


Enhance Your Modeling Experience

Discover the benefits of streamlined navigation with the Model Navigator.