Model Versioning

Available from version 11.00 in Professional and Ultimate editions

Model Versioning is a feature designed to enhance your project management and collaboration efforts. This tool allows users to create and manage versions of diagrams and elements within a project. Ideal for software developers, project managers, and team leaders, Model Versioning ensures that changes and iterations of your models are meticulously tracked and documented.

This feature provides an essential layer of control and traceability over your project’s evolution. It allows you to monitor changes over time, and compare different versions. Whether you are working on complex software systems, detailed architectural plans, or intricate business processes, Model Versioning brings a new level of professionalism and precision to your software design process.

Navigate to a diagram with another model version
Review > Versioning
Tools > Versioning

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Software Developers managing project iterations
  • Project Managers overseeing dynamic projects
  • Team Leaders needing to track and document changes
  • Quality Assurance Analysts reviewing historical data


Master Your Project’s Evolution

Take advantage of Model Versioning to bring precision and control to your project management.