Reverse Engineering

Available from version 5.00 in Professional, Ultimate editions

Transform your existing code into comprehensive diagrams with our Reverse Engineering feature. This powerful tool is designed for software developers, architects, and analysts, enabling the conversion of source code into visual diagrams such as UML models. It streamlines the understanding and analysis of complex code bases, making it easier to identify patterns, dependencies, and areas for improvement.

Whether you're working on legacy systems, integrating new code, or conducting code reviews, Reverse Engineering provides a clear and detailed view of your application's architecture. This feature supports various programming languages, offering a versatile solution to visualize and document your software structure effectively.

Ideal for Users Like:

  • Software Developers analyzing and refactoring existing code
  • System Architects visualizing software architecture
  • Quality Assurance Engineers reviewing code structure for best practices
  • Educators and Students learning about software design patterns

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Unlock the potential of your software with our Reverse Engineering feature.