XSD to UML Diagram

XSD reverse engineering feature allows you to generate a UML diagram from XSD definition.

To generate a UML class diagram from XSD file you can use this action:

Using the General tab in the XSD Import dialog you can choose XSD files (Add Files button) or the entire folders with XSD files (Add Directory button) and transform them into UML models and UML diagrams. The tab also offers the buttons (Select All, None, Invert) that allow you to quickly adjust the selection of the items which will be further processed during the reverse engineering process.

The Settings tab contains two groups Diagramming and Model. If the 'Add new elements to diagram' option is checked, UML diagrams will be generated for the XSD schemas. You can choose the project folder where the generated diagrams should be placed using the Target folder field.

The Model group allows you to choose where the model should be imported. It can be placed into the default project repository or into any chosen repository (choose the Custom repository option and click on the ellipsis button).

Diagram Generation from XSD Schema

The XSD reverse engineering tool in Software Ideas Modeler processes the XSD files and generates model elements for the particular parts of the schema definition. It creates UML classes with the element stereotype for XSD elements. The attribute definitions of a complex type are imported as UML attributes and the element definitions are transformed into UML attributes with the element stereotype.

Generated Diagram Example

Diagram generated from XSD schema (Example)
Diagram generated from XSD schema (Example)

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