Navigation in UML Class Diagram

Complex diagrams and models can include many relationships and connectors. Software Ideas Modeler provides various tools and features that help you to navigate large models effectively.

The quickest way how to navigate to related elements of an element is to right-click on the desired element and choose Navigate to from the context menu. The 'Navigate to' submenu offers a list of connected elements. The elements can be placed on the same diagram or on another one in the project. If you click on an item in the 'Navigate to' submenu, the related element will be selected and the view adjusted to make the related element visible in the diagram editor. If the element is placed on another diagram, the software opens the diagram in a separate tab, and the view will be scrolled to the element.

Navigation to UML Classes
Navigation to UML Classes

Model Navigator

If you want to navigate through multiple elements in your model, there is an even better option. You can use Model Navigator that transforms the whole model to the flow of elements. The focused element is in the middle, the source relations are on the left, and target relations are on the right. If you click on another element (on the left or on the right), it will become the newly focused element and its related elements will be displayed on the left and on the right.

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