Pie Chart

A pie chart is a type of circular chart. The circle of the chart is split into several pieces (slices). A slice forms an angle that represents the share of the value on the total of all values displayed by the chart.

A pie chart is a circular chart that represents its values as sectors of the circle. The sector angle is determined by the share of its value on the total.

A pie chart is used for data visualization of various numeric indicators (share of various products, customer categories, etc.)

Pie chart with a legend
Pie chart with a legend

How to Make Pie Chart

If you want to create a pie chart using Software Ideas Modeler, you can do it this way:

  • Add Infographics Diagram (Ribbon / Project / Add New Diagram) - you can find in the diagram group called Other.
  • In the toolbox, you can find the Pie Chart tool. Drag the tool button into the diagram canvas to insert a new pie chart. You can also draw a pie chart so that you specify its bounds on the diagram canvas (press the left mouse button over the start location in the editor canvas, move the cursor to define the desired rectangular bounds, and release the button when the size is as needed).
  • Then you can select the created pie chart and edit the data you want to represent in the chart.
  • If you want to show the names of the individual values and their percentage you should add a chart legend. Select the pie chart and click on Add Chart Legend button in the context bar.

Pie Chart Colors

The colors of the sectors are chosen from the current style set. The styles are gradually selected as ColorCode1, ColorCode2, ... ColorCodeN. You can also change the style for the individual value to any style you want. Just select the sector in the pie chart and choose the style from the ribbon gallery of styles.

Pie Chart Data

You can edit the data using the Properties dialog in the Data tab or directly in the diagram editor. Click on the pie chart sector to edit it and enter the desired name and value. The text editor shows them to you as Name = Value (e.g. Category = 3).

Pie Chart Editing
Pie Chart Editing

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