How can I deploy the Model to the data base?


Hi, I am evaluating the tool, and I have finished the data model. I created the connection to the database, but when I press the 'Generate' button, it creates the code. I would like to see how the tools creates and updates the model. Could you please tell me where could I find the command to deploy the data model directly, instead of generating the code? Thanks in advance.

21 September 2022 0:11:20 Michael Mezquita

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Dusan Rodina - 21 September 2022 9:22:47


Hi Michael,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, this feature has not yet been implemented. Currently, the model can be created and updated only using the generated scripts.

I added the requested feature to our roadmap - it will be implemented in one of the upcoming versions.

Michael Mezquita 30 September 2022 22:36:56

RE: Directly deploying the model to the database.

Hi Dusan,

I was waiting and waiting for this response, but I never updated the web page, until now.

It would be great to have that functionality because right now, I have to copy the generated code and adapt it.

Also, when I generate the code it leaves a Model1 (Model1. and [Model1].) string in a lot of places. So, before redeploying modifications, I have to be sure that I am removing those strings, as well as adding the drop table instruction when required.

An amazing tool right now, promising to be better.