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how to write a filter to be able to show only attributes with stereotype 'property' in a class diagram (with packages/classes/relationships ...).

Thanks a lot for your help

29 November 2022 11:20:15 Yannick

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Dusan Rodina - 29 November 2022 11:53:00



Unfortunately, the fields as attributes or operations cannot be filtered in the diagram now. This feature will be added in one of the next versions.

The fields can be filtered only in the Field Browser now.

The Field Browser is accessible from the ribbon: View / Model / Field Browser (CTRL + SHIFT + F)

There is a Filter button in the top bar in the Field Browser window.

Fabien 21 June 2023 9:22:56

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Hello Dusan,

Do you have a rough idea of the timing? We are evaluating your software to have it as standard in our company and this feature is really needed to concentrate on specific topics (in classes) for our design.

Thank you for your answer,

Dusan Rodina - 21 June 2023 12:33:22

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Hello Fabien,

The feature will certainly be implemented in the next major version - 14.00. The new version should be completed within a few weeks. The latest release date is September.