Grocery E-shop - Online Ordering System (Example Project, Diagrams)

A grocery e-shop is modeled using UML diagrams. The requirements are shown as UML use cases. It describes modules and entities. The user interface is depicted on a Web Page wireframe diagram.

The example project shows various kinds of diagrams for online grocery ordering system. It includes wireframes, UML use case diagram, component diagram, class diagrams and state machine diagram. The grocery e-shop project describes the requirements on the system, its structure, and the proposed design of the user interface using wireframe diagrams.

Grocery E-shop Wireframe
Grocery E-shop Wireframe

Grocery E-shop Modules

The model for grocery eshop consists of these components:
  • Warehouse Service
  • Warehouse Management
  • Payment Gateway
  • Packaging Module
  • Product Service
  • Eshop Service
  • Eshop Frontend
  • Product Catalog Module
  • Delivery System
These artifacts are defined for the system:
  • Eshop Database
  • Warehouse Database
  • Product Database
Modules of Grocery E-shop
Modules of Grocery E-shop

Use Cases for Online Grocery

UML use case diagram for an online grocery ordering system describes the actors and their use cases. These user roles represented by UML actors interact with the grocery e-shop system:
  • Product Editor
  • Customer
  • Courier
  • Administrator
  • User
With the Product Editor are associated these use cases:
  • Add Product
  • Deactive Product
  • Activate Product
  • Edit Product
  • Add Category
  • Remove Category
The Customer has the following requirements on the system, represented by these use cases:
  • Sign Up
  • Remove Item from Shopping List
  • Reserve Delivery Timespan
  • Confirm Shopping List
    • Pay Online
    • Choose Address
    • Enter Note
  • Add Item to Shopping List
  • Cancel Shopping List
The Courier role depends on these use cases:
  • Take Delivery Batch
  • Deliver Order
  • Receive Payment
The Administrator can:
  • Add User
  • Remove User
Every User of the grocery system can:
  • Log In
  • Reset Password
  • Log Out
Grocery E-shop Use Cases
Grocery E-shop Use Cases

Domain Model for Online Grocery

Shopping List and Reservation

The important part of the online grocery ordering system is the shopping list module. The shopping lists are created by a customer, it includes the items that a customer wants to buy. It includes the following entities:
  • Shopping List
  • Shopping Item
  • Customer
  • Cart
  • Product
  • Delivery Time Span
  • Offered Delivery Time Span
  • Voucher
  • Discount Type - the system supports discounts, the enumerations offers these options: Absolute and Relative
  • Packaging Type - a packaging type for an order can be chosen from these enumeration values: None, Plastic Bags, Paper Bags, and Paper Box.
  • Payment Type - the enumeration offers the following payment options: Online Payment In Advance, Cash, and Card
Grocery E-shop Shopping List
Grocery E-shop Shopping List

Online Orders

The class diagram for online grocery orders includes the following classes:
  • Shopping List
  • Order
  • Order Item
  • Courier
  • Courier Batch
  • Order Status
  • Address
Grocery E-shop Orders - Classes
Grocery E-shop Orders - Classes


The UML class diagram for the product and the related objects depicts the following classes and their relationships:
  • Product
  • Product Quantity Type - offers enumeration items for various kinds of product quantities: Piece, Weight, Volume.
  • Product Photo
  • Category
  • Tag
  • Special Offer
  • Special Offer Product
Grocery E-shop Products
Grocery E-shop Products


Grocery E-shop Warehouse
Grocery E-shop Warehouse

State Machine Diagram for Order States

An order in a grocery eshop system can have these states: Draft, Allocated, Packed, Shipping, Delivered, Unaccepted and Cancelled.

Grocery E-shop Orders - States
Grocery E-shop Orders - States

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