Online Restaurant Delivery - Ordering Process (Flowchart)

The flowchart describes the process of menu ordering from an online restaurant delivery portal. The process includes entering the customer location, the restaurant choice, and the payment using a card.

Flowchart Example

Menu Ordering Process (Flowchart Example)
Menu Ordering Process (Flowchart Example)

Online Restaurant Delivery Process

The flowchart's process consists of these steps:

  • Start your order
  • Choose your location
  • Show available restaurants
  • Choose a restaurant
  • Show the chosen restaurant details
  • Is open?
  • Choose your menu
  • Choose your delivery time
  • Is the selected card the one I want to use?
  • Is the card listed?
  • Add the new card
  • Select the card
  • Pay
  • View the delivery progress
  • Your order was delivered

Download Diagram

You can download the project file with the diagram here. The project file can be open in Software Ideas Modeler.


Satheesh 2 March 2021 5:31:00

Sample Request

I'm in the way of creating a sample online food delivery system. I need the copy of this sample to begin with good quality.

Dusan Rodina - 3 March 2021 8:04:11

RE: Sample Request


the diagram image is free to download. The project file is available for the registered users. You get registered after purchasing any edition of Software Ideas Modeler.

Rajesh Sharma 23 September 2021 9:38:24

We orders

Want to draw online web orders for food retail.

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