Flowcharts - Flow Chart Examples and Templates

Simple and complex examples of flowcharts, flowchart templates available on images, and as editable diagrams in SIMP file format.

Fibonacci Series (Flowchart)

This flowchart example depicts an algorithm for calculating the Fibonacci number for N.

While and Do-While Loop (Flowchart)

This flowchart example shows a side-by-side comparison of the while and do-while loop.

Addition of Two Numbers (Flowchart)

This simple flowchart example shows an addition of two numbers.

Nested For Loop (Flowchart)

The diagram shows two for loops - one nested in another.

Else If Ladder (Flowchart)

Flowchart templates for the condition with multiple else-if statements that are organized in a vertical and horizontal ladder.

Leap Year Check (Flowchart)

This flowchart example shows you an algorithm that checks whether a year is a leap one.

Insertion Sort (Flowchart)

Insertion sort algorithm depicted in a flowchart and pseudocode.

Selection Sort (Flowchart)

A flowchart for selection sort algorithm.

Bubble Sort (Flowchart)

The flowchart depicts the algorithm for the bubble sort.

Factorial of a Number (Flowchart)

A flowchart example depicts an algorithm for factorial of a number. The program takes an input of number N from a user and calculates the factorial of it.

Making a Cup of Tea (Flowchart)

How to prepare tea? This flowchart shows you the particular steps of tea preparation.

Sum of N Numbers (Flowchart)

An example of a flowchart that shows an algorithm of summing N numbers that were entered by a user. The example shows the usage of various types of flowchart symbols.

Switch Cases Template (Flowchart)

A flowchart template that depicts a switch statement with 3 cases and an else case. Each case leads to a separate process.

Flowchart Example with Input/Output

A flowchart template that depicts a process with an input and three outputs.

Flowchart Example - Yes/No

A flowchart template that shows a simple process with a yes/no decision.

Online Restaurant Delivery - Ordering Process (Flowchart)

The flowchart describes the process of menu ordering from an online restaurant delivery portal. The process includes entering the customer location, the restaurant choice, and the payment using a card.

Algorithm - Flowchart in Programming

You can turn the steps of an algorithm into a flow of nodes in a flowchart. It is possible to translate program instructions and commands to an algorithm flowchart.

ATM Workflow (Flowchart)

The process of cash withdrawal using an ATM depicted in a flowchart.

Flowchart Overview (Flowchart)

Flowcharts offers easy and clear way of depicting algorithms, workflows, processes. This diagram provides an overview of all flowchart elements.

C# Naming Conventions (Flowchart)

How to name your class, method, property, or field? It is good to follow the naming conventions. This flowchart shows whether to use pascal case or camel case in your C# code.

Program Without Bugs (Flowchart)

How to create a program without bugs. Look at this flowchart.

How to Draw a Diagram (Flowchart)

How to create a perfect diagram? It seems easy... or not?