Better Diagram Editor and More Actions For User Stories - Software Ideas Modeler 12.65

The new version of this diagramming software brings several improvements and fixes that make work with the diagram editor more smooth.
User Stories Editor - Software Ideas Modeler 12.65
User Stories Editor - Software Ideas Modeler 12.65

New Features and Improvements

  • New context bar buttons for user stories - Convert user story to epic and epic to user story
  • Container header is not displayed for a container that is currently moved
  • Element is inserted over the top element in a container when moving from other container or diagram
  • Better sizing of multi-value combo boxes

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed selecting relationships after some actions
  • Fixed size of container header for some elements
  • Fixed copying UI Menu (open menus were not preserved)
  • Fixed setting stakeholders in Use Case editor
  • Fixed setting an owner to an element in some configurations


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