User Registration (UML Sequence Diagram)

A UML sequence diagram for the user registration process. This example depicts how a user interacts with a sign-up form.

UML Sequence Diagram Template for User Sign Up Form

The UML sequence diagram shows these lifelines:

  • User
  • Page
  • Registration Form
  • Authentication Server

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Click on Sign Up button
  • Open registration form
  • Enter user name
  • Check user name
  • User name does not exist
  • User name exists
  • Show warning about used user name
  • Enter password
  • Show invalid password message
  • Enter password confirmation
  • Show information about not matching passwords
  • Confirm the form
  • Create user
  • User successfully created
  • Redirect to success page

UML Sequence Diagram Concepts

The example diagram shows an actor lifeline and four other lifelines, call messages, reply messages, and alt fragments and opt fragments for conditional parts.

UML Sequence Diagram Example Preview

User Registration (UML Sequence Diagram)
User Registration (UML Sequence Diagram)

Download Sequence Diagram for Registration Module

User Registration (UML Sequence Diagram)

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