Enhanced Diagram Editor and BPMN Diagramming in Version 12.72

The new Software Ideas Modeler improves several diagramming actions and makes the diagram creation a little bit more comfortable than in previous versions. The new version of the diagram editor also brings other improvements to BPMN diagrams and various fixes.
Class Diagram Editor in Software Ideas Modeler 12.72
Class Diagram Editor in Software Ideas Modeler 12.72

Highlights of New Version

The enhanced diagram editor introduces several interesting features that help you to draw your diagrams faster and easier.

Incorporate Element Into a Flow

Now, you can select a connector and click on Incorporate New Element in the context bar. After choosing an element type from the context menu, the element will be inserted into the diagram, in the way it splits the selected connector into two while the new element is placed in the middle. The whole connected diagram will be moved accordingly.
Incorporate Element Into a Flow
Incorporate Element Into a Flow

Make Same Lanes

The sizes of lanes in a selected BPMN pool can be easily unified using the button Make Same Lanes in the context bar.
Make Same Lanes
Make Same Lanes

Relationship Inserting

The diagram editor tries to find a better placement for inserted relationship.
Relationship Inserting
Relationship Inserting

New Features and Improvements

  • Added new action for relationships to context bar - Incorporate Element to Flow
  • Added new action for BPMN pools to context bar - Make Same Lanes
  • Added new action for UML States and UML Fragments to context bar - Make Same Regions
  • Improved rectangular connector editing
  • Smarter connector inserting
  • Added other predefined transitions to flowchart
  • Added support for BPMN Abstract Task type
  • Improved rendering for BPMN events and wide border styles
  • Use case properties are also available from Properties sidebar
  • New icons for Element Details tool, Swap Elements, Add Pool and Add Lane

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed undoing deleted element into the correct layer [RQ#1647]
  • Fixed displaying headers for unnamed lifelines
  • Fixed editing some BPMN elements using the Properties dialog
  • Fixed application crash when trying to print to a file (e.g. PDF) that is open in another application
  • Fixed setting owner for elements added to BPMN swimlanes
  • Fixed unnecessary rendering pinned header for horizontal swimlanes
  • Fixed wrong relationship connection after swapping mutually connected elements after several swaps
  • Fixed setting element owners when using the element swap feature
  • Fixed editing BPMN event details in the Properties dialog
  • Fixed unset owner of BPMN lanes added to the pool using context bar
  • Fixed incorrect layout of nested regions after loading a project
  • Fixed CTRL+Delete and CTRL+Backspace in the lifeline text editor


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