Selection Sort (Flowchart)

A flowchart for selection sort algorithm.

Flowchart for Selection Sort

The flowchart shows the steps of selection sort algorithm.

Selection Sort (Flowchart)
Selection Sort (Flowchart)

Selection Sort algorithm includes the following steps:

1. Set N = Length of Array

2. Set I = 0

3. Set MinIndex = I

4. Set J = I + 1

5. If Array[J] <= Array[MinIndex] continue with the step 8

6. Set MinIndex = J

7. Increment J (J++)

8. If j < N continue with the step 5

9. Swap Array[I] and Array[MinIndex]

10. Increment I (I++)

11. If I < N - 1 then continue with the step 2

12. The array is sorted.

Download Selection Sort Flowchart

The project file with the selection sort flowchart can be download here. After downloading you can edit it using Software Ideas Modeler diagramming editor.

Selection Sort (Flowchart)


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The avobe flowchat is very simple and I understand very clearly.

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