Various Caption Types of User Interface Diagram Elements

UI Diagram elements support various caption types. It may be regular text, schematic lines, or schematic waves depending on how many details you want to include or which schematic style you prefer.

UI diagram elements are designed to accommodate a variety of caption types, offering flexibility to suit different detail levels and aesthetic preferences. These captions can be textual or symbolic, such as regular text for direct information, schematic lines for a simplified representation, or schematic waves for a more stylized approach. Altering the caption type on nearly any element within the UI diagram is straightforward and can be done through multiple methods for user convenience.

To modify the caption type of an element in the UI diagram, users have two primary methods:

  • Properties Sidebar: Access the Properties sidebar where you can find and alter the caption type settings for the selected element - using the Caption Type drop down.
  • Context Menu Option: Right-click on the desired element to open the context menu, then navigate to the "Caption Type" submenu to choose your preferred caption style.
Caption type setting for UI diagram elements
Caption type setting for UI diagram elements

Caption Type Options for UI Diagram Elements

Software Ideas Modeler supports three main caption type options, allowing for customization according to the user's requirements:

  • Custom Text: Enables the user to input specific text as the caption, providing direct and clear information.
  • Schematic Waves: Displays a wavy line as the caption, offering a stylized, abstract representation that can indicate variability or movement without specific textual content.
  • Schematic Lines: Shows a thick line in place of actual text, simplifying the representation to a minimalistic style, suitable for diagrams that aim to reduce visual clutter while still indicating the presence of textual elements.

These options ensure that UI diagrams can be tailored to convey the desired message effectively, whether it's through direct text or through more schematic, visually distinct styles. By leveraging these customizable caption types, designers and developers can enhance the readability and aesthetic appeal of their UI diagrams, making them more intuitive and engaging for their intended audience.

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