Improved SQL, NSD, DMN and Others - Software Ideas Modeler 13.06

Apart from overall stability, the new Software Ideas Modeler improves universal SQL DDL template, mapping definition, and diagramming experience, especially in DMN and NSD.
NSD diagram open in Software Ideas Modeler 13.06
NSD diagram open in Software Ideas Modeler 13.06


  • Improved Universal SQL DDL template
  • Added support for adding multiple elements to Mapping Definition at once
  • Added lower case and upper case name transformation to Mapping Definition
  • Added template language commands for Mapping Definitions and Mapping Rules
  • Improved NSD Condition rendering (bigger space for condition texts, fixed separator lines)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when loading some project files with formatted texts
  • Fixed DMN Authority Requirement rendering from the solid line to the dash line
  • Fixed unconnecting of DMN diagram connectors after saving and loading
  • Fixed rendering DMN Decision element
  • Fixed saving file from the Save pane (incorrect file name warning fixed)
  • Fixed adding new rule for a field in Mapping Definition editor
  • Fixed refreshing Mapping Definition editor after undo/redo
  • Fixed unwanted unmapping of element in Mapping Definition editor
  • Fixed application crash for some scenarios of undo/redo in code editor
  • Fixed NSD Condition layout refreshing after adding a new condition
  • Fixed non-working shortcut keys after confirming Options dialog
  • Fixed application crash when trying to convert UML Class Diagram with multiple instances of a class to ER Diagram


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