Shortcut Keys for Context Bar and Better Diagramming - Software Ideas Modeler 13.10

The diagramming tool Software Ideas Modeler comes in a new version 13.10. It brings several improvements in the diagram editor, and it fixes the found issues.

The new version allows you easily to access the actions from the context bar using the keyboard. Just press the digit key 1 - 9 or zero to use one of the first ten buttons in the first row of the context bar or SHIFT + Num0 - Num9 to use the buttons from the second row. If you press only the SHIFT key, you can see which number is assigned to which button.

There are also many other improvements and fixes in various areas of diagramming. You can read the complete list of improvements below.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.10 offers shortcut keys for the context bar actions
Software Ideas Modeler 13.10 offers shortcut keys for the context bar actions

New Features Improvements

  • Shortcut keys for the context bar (0-9 keys and SHIFT + 0-9 keys)
  • Quick navigation in the tree views by typing the start of the node text
  • Added Toggle fields action to the context bar for multiple selected elements
  • Added Add Nested Diagram action to the context menu in the Project tree sidebar
  • Added 'Add Other' submenu (Add Document, Mapping Definition, Presentation, Resource Item) to the context menu in the - Project tree sidebar
  • Nested diagrams listed in the Associated Diagram floating window
  • Improved Universal SQL DDL template
  • Added new template language commands for strings: IsEmpty, IsBlank
  • Names of UML activity diagram loop parts was changed to setup, test, and body
  • UML Loop Node and UML Condition Node element are inserted with proportionally divided nested regions
  • Improved behavior of relationship tool to prefer straight line in the scenario when it hit an element label
  • Improved C4 elements custom shape handling
  • Improved navigation between UML State fields using arrow keys
  • UML Component icon size can be adjusted using the Proportion modifier styling option
  • Added Part (Composite) tool to UML Composite Structure Diagram toolbox
  • Added support for any property values in the shape definition for custom diagram elements
  • Added support for general field area definition in the custom shape definition (Graphic editor)
  • Added support for container area definition in the custom shape definition (Graphic editor)
  • Added Person shape to the default graphic library

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed saving for some settings (Tab Bar / Show navigation arrows, Project Tree / Navigation to Item)
  • Fixed position of diagram thumbnail for a tab when the tab bar is scrolled
  • Fixed localization of action names in ribbon/menu/toolbar definition editor
  • Fixed empty grid with properties in Custom Element Definition after opening an existing element definition [RQ#1690]
  • Fixed non-working ellipsis buttons in Attribute and Operation editor dialog
  • Fixed last UML Interaction Operand rendering
  • Fixed right-button drag & drop of the element to another element when dropped over the name caption
  • Fixed unnecessary showing Field tab for the selected name field
  • Fixed application crash when trying to insert Connected Label in Tutorial Diagram
  • Fixed displaying the field context menu instead of the element context menu when clicking on the Name field
  • Fixed non-working delete using DEL key when a name field is selected
  • Fixed renaming on the second click for labeled elements
  • Fixed UML State rendering
  • Fixed application crash when editing UI Button Panel or UI Context Menu
  • Fixed application crash when adding a new server project without the server running


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