Enhanced Diagramming Experience with Software Ideas Modeler 13.15

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings dozens of improvements and fixes in the diagram editor. You can find more helpful context actions here and improved navigation using keys.
Software Ideas Modeler 13.15 - Enhanced Diagramming Experience
Software Ideas Modeler 13.15 - Enhanced Diagramming Experience

Overview of Interesting New Features

The new context bar actions make some common modeling actions much easier than before. You can create an N-ary association with a few clicks, implement all the interfaces with a single click, and you can add a new swimlane to your activity diagram between two existing ones very easily.

New Features Highlights - Diagram Editor
New Features Highlights - Diagram Editor

New Features

  • Added UML Constraint Connector
  • Improved Add Swimlane action for inserting swimlanes between two existing swimlanes
  • TAB key is used to increase paragraph indentation when the cursor is before the first character of the paragraph
  • Added context bar buttons for adding tasks and activities in Gantt Chart
  • Added field navigation using TAB key and Left/Right keys
  • Added field navigation using keys for UML associations
  • Added field navigation using keys for Organization Chart Role element
  • Improved UML Association tab in Properties editor - check for unallowed options
  • Added Set Diagram button to the context bar for Diagram Reference
  • Added new settings group GUI style to General tab in the Options dialog
  • Improved point addition - a control point can be added to an exact position
  • Swap element feature support swapping for relationships
  • Mapping definition can be moved between folders
  • Added Implement interfaces action to the context bar for UML class
  • Override operation action is displayed in the context bar only when there is something to override
  • Quick n-ary association creation using the context bar
  • Create Association Class action added to the context bar for N-ary association
  • Added name label for N-ary association

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed application crash when pasting tagged values from clipboard to Properties dialog
  • Fixed incorrect offset of the first element inserted to the swimlane
  • Fixed incorrect handling of element incorporation command for elements in a container
  • Fixed application crash when trying to use incorporation command inside a container
  • Fixed application crash when pressing TAB at the beginning of a paragraph without numbering definition (formatted text editing)
  • Fixed Python source code parsing for some cases
  • Fixed the setting class-ownership for both association ends
  • Fixed source code generation for self-association
  • Fixed application crash when editing new tick mark values in the Properties dialog (UML Timing diagram)
  • Fixed affecting default style when changing text style of some elements
  • Fixed rendering name field selection bounds for horizontal swimlanes
  • Fixed disappearing document when moving it between folders [RQ#1692]
  • Fixed UML Timing diagram rendering for irregular ticks
  • Fixed setting nonunique attributes using inline diagram editor
  • Fixed selecting elements under empty spaces of element group
  • Fixed resetting selection when trying to add element group to an existing selection clicking the name label of an element in the group
  • Fixed field selection rendering when moving label of labeled elements
  • Fixed bouncing label of labeled element when starting to drag it
  • Fixed applying styles from the style set to fields
  • Fixed ORM Predicate field selection after moving the element
  • Fixed the distance measure delayed by one step


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