Python UML Diagram Tool

Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler is a UML modeling software that can be useful in your Python projects. It allows you to draw diagrams for unique concepts in your solutions. You can generate source code in Python as well as automatically create UML diagrams by your Python code using our reverse engineering feature.

Python UML Diagram Tool with UML Generator
Python UML Diagram Tool with UML Generator

Python UML Generator

The software includes tools that can transform your source code in Python into UML class diagrams. You can generate the diagrams from a folder with source codes or individually chosen files. It is also possible to update the diagrams with newer code. Software Ideas Modeler offers a useful Parser sidebar that immediately transfers a piece of pasted code into class diagram elements.

Diagrams produced by our UML generator help you to understand your code base better. You can analyze the changes in your project in a visual way and provide comprehensible documentation for them.

UML to Code

The code generation tools in Software Ideas Modeler can produce Python source code based on the modeled diagrams. The code can be generated for the whole project or for the chosen diagrams. The Generation sidebar allows you to generate code for selected elements in your diagram and copy & paste the code to any other editor.

Other Programming Languages Support

Software Ideas Modeler also supports other programming languages: