Multi-Section Documentation, Improved Diagram Editing and Source Code Generation - Software Ideas Modeler 13.30

The new version brings almost fifty improvements. It includes multi-section documentation, better source code generation, more container layout options, and improved search.

The most prominent feature is the multi-section documentation. It allows you to separate public documentation from private notes and name the various parts of the documentation. The new options were introduced for source code generation. The direction of the element flow in the container layout can be changed using the new layout setting. Elements can be stacked from bottom to top, from right to left, etc. The search feature works better for element documentation. A window with documentation with highlighted found text is displayed when the element documentation contains the searched text.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.30 with multi-section documentation support
Software Ideas Modeler 13.30 with multi-section documentation support

Various Directions for Container Layout

Container layout setting
Container layout setting

Attaching Comment to Field

Comment attached to field
Comment attached to field

New Features and Improvements

  • Added direction setting to stack and flow container (top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, right to left)
  • Fields (attributes, operations) can be moved up and down using the shortcut keys ALT + UP/DOWN
  • Multi-section documentations
  • Improved documentation sidebar - added a button for switching between various context items (field, element, diagram, folder)
  • Comment connectors can be attached to fields
  • Added new context bar action 'Add new data row' for ERD entity
  • New data rows can be added to ERD entity using the Entity Data floating window
  • Data rows can be deleted from ERD entity using the Entity Data floating window
  • Added new UML element: Template Binding
  • An element can be set as a kind and a default value of a UML template parameter
  • Added sub-templates to template language (new commands: Template, EndTemplate, Return)
  • Added new template language commands for indentation (new commands: IndentSize, SetSpaceIndent, SetTabIndent)
  • Added new commands to template language according to UML Template Binding (HasTemplateBinding, TemplateBindings, Template, Bounds, Substitutions) and Template Parameter Substitutions (Formal, Actual, ActualValue)
  • Added parameter for default array type to C# source code generation (Array, List, IList, IEnumerable, ICollection)
  • Added parameter for documentation generation to C# source code generation
  • Enhanced various collection types generation in C# source code generation template (added support for HashSet, ConcurrentBag, and SortedSet)
  • Added support for generic type inheritance to C# source code generation
  • Added basic formatting tags to XML comments (C# source code generation)
  • Added indentation settings to source code generation
  • Added remembering of source code template settings
  • Added drop down with predefined multiplicities for attributes (Properties dialog)
  • Added support for a generic inheritance to source code parser
  • Added support for basic HTML formatting to documentation parsing from source code comments
  • Added missing syntax to TypeScript parser
  • Improved TypeScript source code generation
  • Search extended to other content areas (attribute, operation, and parameter documentation is included now)
  • Selecting found text within the documentation
  • Displaying compared formatted texts in Comparison form
  • Added column with priority number to Use Cases window
  • Added support for proportion modifier to UI Tree
  • Improved support for rounding modifier for UI Tree and UI Accordion Menu

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed selection bounds for UML class with template parameters on a diagram with hidden template parameters
  • Fixed inline visibility editing in the diagram editor
  • Fixed comment parsing and documentation assignment to respective elements and fields
  • Fixed application crash when removing all data series from a chart
  • Fixed the placement of connectors into a container which prevents them from being collapsed together with the container [RQ#1696]
  • Fixed displaying Documentation tab in Properties dialog using the Documentation item in the context menu
  • Fixed application crash for some actions that need a folder when no folder is present in the project
  • Fixed application crash when trying to change use case priority using the Use Cases window
  • Fixed application crash when trying to search in the Use Cases window
  • Fixed changing font size and name issue when editing brief description in Use Cases and Use Case Definition window
  • Fixed rendering of top nodes lines in UI Tree
  • Fixed rendering of group captions in UI Accordion Menu
  • Fixed closing brainstorming session window after deleting the edited session
  • Fixed clearing properties sidebar after deselecting an element
  • Fixed size of indicator icons for higher DPIs
  • Fixed refreshing the element list in Alias Editor
  • Fixed disappearing relationship stereotypes


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