YAML Open API Specification from Diagram and Improved Editors - Software Ideas Modeler 13.90

The latest version of Software Ideas Modeler, version 13.90, introduces a number of new features and improvements, one of the most notable being the added support for generating YAML Open API specifications directly from diagrams. This allows developers to easily create and maintain an accurate and up-to-date representation of their API in a visual format.

The new version also includes a number of specific types and formats for Open API generation, allowing for more detailed and accurate specifications to be created from the diagrams. This includes support for a variety of data types such as integers, decimals, dates, and booleans, as well as the ability to specify formats such as email and URL.

The use case editor and requirements editor have also been improved, with new shortcut keys, an action context menu, and the option to export use case steps to CSV format. In addition, the external element picker dialog, matrix editor, and decision table editor have been enhanced for a better user experience.

Apart from new features, this release also includes several bug fixes, such as preserving the port layout when resizing its container and layout calculation for some elements. Some other controls were better optimized for high DPIs.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.90
Software Ideas Modeler 13.90

New Features and Improvements

  • Added YAML Open API specification generation
  • Added OpenApi type set
  • Added support for label resizing for Message element in UML Communication Diagram (UML Tool)
  • Drawing connectors using the right mouse button respects the rounded rectangular line style setting
  • Improved style of code editor search box
  • Added new template commands: IncreaseAutoIndentBase, DecreaseAutoIndentBase
  • Added more details to item names in the project tree in the External Element Picker dialog
  • Added shortcut keys and action context menu to the requirements editor (CTRL+Enter, CTRL+Plus, Tab, SHIFT+Tab, CTRL+Up, CTRL+Down)
  • Added Export option to the use case editor for exporting use case steps to CSV format
  • Styling groups with advanced styling are collapsed by default
  • Easier collapsing/expanding styling group by clicking on the whole header not only the plus/minus button
  • Showing shortcut keys for the use case definition editor and requirements editor in the status bar
  • New To-Do list items can be added using the CTRL+ENTER shortcut keys (TO-DO sidebar)
  • Added option to add a new item to a matrix (CRUD, DACI, etc.) directly in the grid control
  • Added Enumeration and Association tools to JSON Schema tool group in the toolbox

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed incorrect scrollbar settings when opening the new diagram menu after choosing a diagram type at the bottom of the list
  • Fixed preserving port layout when resizing its container
  • Fixed layout calculation for some element labels in the diagram editor for high DPIs
  • Fixed some toolbar icons
  • Fixed applying style command (as increased font size) also for alternate styles
  • Fixed text color for rows in column headers in matrix elements (CRUD, RACI, etc.)
  • Fixed description generation for OpenAPI specification when it contains quote characters
  • Fixed reference generation (OpenAPI specification) for attributes in classifiers
  • Fixed rule parsing in the diagram editor
  • Fixed layout for value editors in decision table editor for high DPI
  • Fixed setting the current color to the Color Mixer tab in the style properties control
  • Fixed navigation in the diagram canvas using the diagram preview sidebar
  • Fixed adding, editing, and deleting languages in the source code template management window (drop down was not updated)
  • Fixed setting numeric value using the Properties control
  • Fixed application crash when trying to set zero maximum to the infographics progress bar
  • Fixed numeric up-down control layout for high DPI resolution
  • Fixed application crash when trying to show the About dialog
  • Fixed undo for deleted with multiple selected paragraphs in the formatted text editor
  • Fixed application crash when trying to edit the date in the TO-DO list [RQ#1719]
  • Fixed moving and resizing group of lines (Drawing.Line element)
  • Fixed application crash when reverse engineering database multiple times
  • Fixed application crash when changing script template in the Deploy Database dialog and no database is resolved
  • Fixed macro editor and tagged value editor for high DPI resolution
  • Fixed update action for all reverse-engineered elements
  • Fixed switch bar size for grouped sidebar panes for high DPI resolution
  • Fixed requirement element rendering
  • Fixed applying dark mode to table/diagram switch bar
  • Fixed updating custom tools group in the toolbox


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