Fit Text to Bounds

The tutorial describes how to work with the Fit Text to Bounds style property. This feature ensures that the text content fits within the defined bounds of a diagram element.

The Fit Text to Bounds is a style property that, when enabled, modifies the font size of the text to ensure it fits entirely within the confines of an element. By default, if the text doesn't fit, it gets cut off at the boundaries of the element. With this property active, the text will be resized so that it remains fully visible, enhancing the aesthetics and readability of your diagrams.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Select the Desired Element(s)

Before you can apply the Fit Text to Bounds property, you need to select the element(s) you want to modify. Click on the element in your diagram to select it.

2. Access the Style Sidebar

Once your desired element is selected:

  • Look at the sidebar header located at the top bar of the sidebar (usually in the right part on the window), which displays various sidebar icons.
  • Find and click on the icon that resembles four pencils. This icon represents the Style sidebar.
  • Upon clicking, the Style sidebar will be displayed, offering a collection of styling properties that you can apply to your selected element(s).

3. Navigate to the Texts Styles Section

In the Style sidebar, scroll down until you find the Texts Styles section. This section contains various properties related to text appearance, alignment, and positioning.

4. Activate the Fit Text to Bounds Property

Inside the Texts Styles section, locate the Fit Text to Bounds option and

check (enable) the box next to it. Upon activation, the software will automatically adjust the text size of the selected element(s) to fit within the defined bounds.

Fit Text to Bounds
Fit Text to Bounds

5. Define the Maximum Font Size

It's essential to remember that while the Fit Text to Bounds property ensures that text fits within an element, the maximum possible size of the text is defined by the Font style property.

  • Still in the Texts Styles section, find the Font option.
  • Here, clicking on the font field, you can set the maximum font size using the Font dialog. For instance, if you set the font size to 18pt, the software will ensure the text doesn’t exceed this size. However, if the text doesn't fit within the element's bounds at this size, the software will automatically reduce the font size until it fits.

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