How to Effortlessly Add a New Step to Your Flowchart

Adding a new step to your flowchart doesn't have to be a complex or tedious task. With Software Ideas Modeler, you can effortlessly incorporate new elements into your diagrams, ensuring they remain clear, accurate, and up-to-date.

Flowcharts are essential tools for visualizing processes, making them easier to understand and follow. However, as processes evolve, so must our flowcharts. Adding a new step to an already complex diagram can seem daunting, but with Software Ideas Modeler, it's a breeze. Let's explore how you can incorporate a new element into your flowchart with minimal effort and without disrupting the existing layout.


You've created a detailed flowchart, but you realize that a crucial step is missing at the beginning or in the middle. The traditional method involves manually moving each element to make space for the new step, which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Traditional Solution

A slightly better approach would be to select all elements below the intended new step, move them down to create space, and then add a new Process node. You would then need to reconnect the flow, ensuring the new step is properly integrated into the sequence. While this method works, it's not the most efficient way to adjust your flowchart.

Software Ideas Modeler Solution

Software Ideas Modeler offers two powerful features that simplify the addition of new steps to your flowchart, ensuring a seamless integration without manual adjustments.

Using the 'Incorporate New Element' Button

  • Select the Flow Connector: Identify the flow connector where you want to insert the new step. This is typically the connector leading from the step you want the new one to precede.
  • Click 'Incorporate New Element': On the context bar, you'll find the 'Incorporate New Element' button. Clicking this button reveals a dropdown menu with various element types available for your flowchart.
  • Choose the Desired Element Type: From the dropdown, select the desired element type (e.g. 'Process') to add a new process step to your diagram.
  • Automatic Adjustment: Upon selection, the new flowchart node is automatically inserted at the chosen location. The flowchart adjusts itself accordingly, moving subsequent elements to accommodate the new step. Elements not directly involved in the flow remain stationary, preserving the overall layout of your diagram.

Dragging the Element Tool into the Diagram

An alternative method that offers similar convenience without affecting the rest of the flowchart is as follows:

  • Select the Desired Tool: In the toolbox, find the desired tool (e.g. Process), which allows you to add a new process step to your diagram.
  • Drag and Drop: Click and hold the chosen tool button, then drag it into the diagram editor. Hover over the flow connector where the new step should be inserted. Release the button.
  • Automatic Incorporation: The new element is automatically incorporated into the flow at the designated spot. Like the first method, this approach ensures that the new step is seamlessly added to your diagram, with minimal disruption to the existing flow.

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