Logger (Model of Extensible Logging Module)

Proper logs are essential for long-term system administration. A good logging module should be extensible, configurable and easy to use. This example model may be a good starting point for your solution. It allows you to dynamically change the outputs for the logs and log to multiple targets at once.


Module Structure

  • Logger
  • ILogWriter (interface)
  • LogLevel (enumeration)
  • ExceptionLogger
  • Exception
  • TextFileLogWriter
  • XmlFileWriter
  • DatabaseLogWriter
Logger (UML Class Diagram)
Logger (UML Class Diagram)

Data Model

  • Log
  • LogItem
Log Data Model (UML Class Diagram)
Log Data Model (UML Class Diagram)


Logger Behavior (UML Sequence Diagram)
Logger Behavior Model (UML Sequence Diagram)

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