Class Diagram Examples

You can find here examples of UML class diagrams for systems from various domains. Each class diagram example can be downloaded as a SIMP file.

Bank System Diagram

This UML class diagram shows an example of a bank system model.

Purchase N-ary Example (UML Class Diagram)

The diagram shows an example of a purchase model in the store's cash register software. It utilizes the UML n-ary association element.

Medical Examination (N-ary Association Example)

The UML class diagram example shows the entities needed for the medical examination model. The example shows usage of n-ary association.

Hospital Management System (UML Diagrams)

The example project models a hospital management system using UML use case, class and sequence diagrams.

Library Management System (UML Class Diagram)

The example describes a library management system domain model using a UML class diagram.

Haematopoiesis - Immune System (UML Class Diagram)

An example of generalizations in UML class diagram. The class diagram shows haematopoiesis of the human immune system. The diagram shows an example of UML inheritance.

Nervous System (UML Class Diagram)

Example of class composition in UML class diagram. The class diagram shows the human nervous system.

Command Stack (Diagram)

The executed commands may be stored in a stack to provide undo and redo functionality. These diagrams show the structure and behavior of a command stack.

Logger (Model of Extensible Logging Module)

Proper logs are essential for long-term system administration. A good logging module should be extensible, configurable and easy to use. This example model may be a good starting point for your solution. It allows you to dynamically change the outputs for the logs and log to multiple targets at once.

DMS - Document Management System (Project, Diagrams)

This example project shows the design of a document management system (DMS) including its use cases and object structure.

Linked Lists (UML Class Diagrams)

Linked list and doubly linked list data structures depicted in UML diagrams.

Adapter Design Pattern (UML Class Diagram)

If you want to make existing code work with another existing code without modifying any of the existing interfaces you can use Adapter design pattern.

Restaurant Orders (UML Class Diagram)

A diagram of classes in Restaurant Order System. An example of UML Class diagram.

UML Class Diagram Overview (UML Class Diagram)

Example of UML class diagram with various element types.