Very basic newbie question


How do I connect the nodes of two elements please. I cannot find the right menu/mouse actions.

18 January 2024 11:58:10 WILLIAM STEWART

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Dusan Rodina - 18 January 2024 12:17:04



There are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Select a connector tool from the toolbox and drag it from the starting element to the ending element.
  • Hover over an element to see small circles appear around its border. You can drag one of these circles and drop it onto another element. A context menu may appear, allowing you to choose the type of connector you want to use.
  • Hold down the right mouse button while dragging an element and drop it onto another element. A context menu will then display, enabling you to select the type of connector (e.g., Add Association when connecting two classes).

Additionally, we have a tutorial series for new users available here:

The process of drawing diagrams is explained in detail here: