Refined Diagram Editor, Flowchart Additions and New Diagramming Features

The diagramming tool Software Ideas Modeler brings a generous amount of improvements in version 12.70. The flowchart maker supports swimlanes and a new symbol - sequential access. There are new general diagramming improvements - new selection options and new layout options. Now, you can display tagged values for attributes and operations in your diagrams.
Software Ideas Modeler 12.70 - Flowchart Maker Window
Software Ideas Modeler 12.70 - Flowchart Maker Window

New Features and Improvements

  • Added a new flowchart elements
    • Swimlane
    • Sequential Access
  • Added new selection options:
    • Select nested elements
    • Select all nested elements
  • Better styling using Style sidebar - style properties are applied individually not as the whole style
  • Showing tagged values for attributes and operations in the diagram
  • Switch to show/hide field tagged values
  • Added support for C# attributes source code generation from tagged values
  • Improved rendering of Circle-style connector
  • More precise attaching to State (Finite State Machine diagram)
  • Added other defined transitions - from UML Accept Time Event Action, UML Accept Event Action to UML Action
  • Elements created as a transition from another element follow the element style and size (if the element is of the same type)
  • Improved attaching connector end to an element within a container
  • New layout option: Swap elements (Ribbon / Design / Placement / Swap Elements)
  • New right drag&drop option: Incorporate an element to a flow
  • New right drag&drop option: Swap elements
  • New right drag&drop options: Make Same / Make Same Size, Make Same Width, Make Same Height
  • Know facts for a user story can be removed by deleting their whole text
  • Improved layout of states (in UML state machine diagram)
  • Improved size by the last element - the size of the last element with the same type as inserted element is used
  • Smarter auto side locking when attaching a relationship end to an element
  • Added support for rounding style for Flowchart Sort element
  • Files filtered to exe and dll extensions in the Add Assembly dialog in .NET reverse engineering dialog

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed rendering container header when it is not needed
  • Fixed renaming states in Finite State Machine diagram
  • Fixed editing ERD entity attributes with Icons key style
  • Fixed placing to the target container when copying an element using right drag&drop
  • Fixed setting owner when adding an element to container using right drag&drop
  • Fixed placing context bar for large elements
  • Fixed overflowing long text for user stories
  • Fixed auto size for user stories
  • Fixed auto size for ERD entities with icons
  • Fixed z- index for new elements added to a diagram
  • Fixed undoable element move when pressing other mouse button during the element dragging
  • Fixed layout of UML class with collapsed fields (name was not centered properly)
  • Fixed application crash when rendering ERD entity in a special configuration
  • Fixed application crash when drawing pinned container header for some elements
  • Fixed moving expansion nodes around the expansion regions
  • Fixed connecting elements within another elements (e.g. Interruptible Activity Region)
  • Fixed selection highlight for Exception Handler
  • Fixed incorrect z- order after undoing a move to a container
  • Fixed possibility to move relationship under its container
  • Fixed immediate updating of sequence message layout after editing its name
  • Fixed viewer unexpected closing [RQ#1645]
  • Fixed incorrect model after using Smart Parser and insert a class without properties (it may lead to lost properties after save and load in such case)
  • Fixed copying some elements (e.g. SysML Requirement)
  • Fixed application crash when moving a create message lifeline when the start of the message is unconnected


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