Library Management System (UML Class Diagram)

The example describes a library management system domain model using a UML class diagram.

Class Diagram for Library Management System

Library management system provides support for a library, including book and member management. It logs and processes book lending.

Domain Classes and Enumerations

  • Book (Class)
  • Genre (Enumeration) - adventure, contemporary, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, thriller
  • Author (Class)
  • BookCopy (Class)
  • BookEdition (Class)
  • Publisher (Class)
  • Member (Class)
  • BookLoanLog (Class)
  • MemberType (Enumeration) - standard, VIP
  • Bookshelf (Class)
  • Department (Class)
  • Bookcase (Class)
  • Reminder (Class)
Library Management System - UML Class Diagram
Library Management System - UML Class Diagram

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Library Management System - UML Class Diagram


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Library management system

Library management system(booos types, member types)

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