Sum of N Numbers (Flowchart)

An example of a flowchart that shows an algorithm of summing N numbers that were entered by a user. The example shows the usage of various types of flowchart symbols.

Flowchart for Summing of N Numbers

A flowchart example for a simple algorithm, that receive N numbers from a user input, sum them and display the sum on the output.

The flowchart consists of the following steps:

  • Enter the number of all numbers (N)
  • Define SUM variable
  • Define interation variable (I)
  • Enter a number (X)
  • Add X to SUM (SIM+=X)
  • Increase iteration variable (I++)
  • Decision for I < N with two branches - yes and no
  • Display the sum of input numbers (SUM)
Sum of N numbers (Flowchart)
Sum of N numbers (Flowchart)

Download Flowchart for Sum of N Numbers

Download the flowchart to calculate sum of n numbers. You can open and edit it using our flowchart maker.

Sum of N Numbers (Flowchart)


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Flowchart (sum of N number)

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