Flowchart for Making a Cup of Tea

How to prepare tea? This flowchart shows you the particular steps of tea preparation.

Making a Cup of Tea - Flowchart Example

Would you like to make a cup of tea? Green, black or herbal? The flowchart shows the steps of the tea-making process. Using the flowchart software, you can draw a flowchart like this one:

Tea Preparation Flowchart
Tea Preparation Flowchart

How to draw a flowchart for making a cup of tea? The picture above shows you an example of such a flowchart. It describes how to prepare a cup of tea in several steps. It uses various flowchart symbols that include these elements:

  • Tea Time (Start Symbol)
  • Pour water into the kettle
  • Choose a tea (Decision)
  • Green tea - Set 80 °C on the kettle
  • Herbal tea - Set 100 °C on the kettle
  • Black tea - Set 90 °C on the kettle
  • Wait for kettle signal
  • Pour water into the cup
  • Put green tea in a cup
  • Put black tea in a cup
  • Put herbal tea in a cup
  • What tea was chosen?
  • Green tea - Wait for 2 to 5 minutes (Delay)
  • Black Tea - Wait for 1 to 4 minutes (Delay)
  • Herbal tea - Wait for 5 to 15 minutes (Delay)
  • Do you like milk? (Decision)
  • Add milk to your tea
  • Do you like lemon? (Decision)
  • Squeeze lemon to your tea
  • Do you like sweet? (Decision)
  • Add honey or sugar to your tea
  • Drink your tea (End Symbol)

Download Flowchart for Making a Cup of Tea

Download the diagram that shows an algorithm for making a cup of tea.

Making a Cup of Tea (Flowchart)


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Draw a flowchart using IF THEN ELSE statement for deciding whether to drink coffee or tea.

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