Factorial of a Number (Flowchart)

A flowchart example depicts an algorithm for factorial of a number. The program takes an input of number N from a user and calculates the factorial of it.

Flowchart for Factorial of a Number

This flowchart example describes a step-by-step algorithm on how to calculate factorial of a given number.

Factorial of a Number (Flowchart)
Factorial of a Number (Flowchart)

The flowchart for factorial of a number consists of the following steps:

  • Start (Start End)
  • Enter N (User Input)
    • Is N equal to zero or one (Decision)
    • Return 1 (Display)
    • End (Start End)
  • Decrease N by 1 (Process)
  • Set FACT = FACT * N (Process)
  • Define FACT = N (Data)
  • Is N equal to one (Decision)
  • Return FACT (Display)
  • End (Start End)

Download Factorial Flowchart

Download the flowchart to open and edit it in our flowchart tool:

Factorial (Flowchart)

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